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Cradoc fotoSoftware
Contact: Cradoc Corporation
PO Box 1310
Pt. Roberts, WA USA
Phone: +1(360)945-1380
World Wide Web:

FotoBiz X is the most powerful, affordable and easy to use photo business management software available. More than just a bidding and invoicing software, fotoBiz includes contact management capability, image and license tracking and has fotoQuote Pro 6 built-in. International currencies are supported. Upgrade, Educational, and Pro discounts are available.


KeywordSmart, Inc.

154 Grand Street
New York, NY United States
World Wide Web:

The next generation of Image Keywording Software. KeywordSmart is a web-based tool that walks the user through every element of the image, ensuring a complete set of keywords every time. Released in the summer of 2011, our goal was to create a tool that made it easy for anyone. No tutorials, no instruction booklets, just sit down and let KeywordSmart guide you through the process. Simply, it's way better that any tool on the market.

Professional Camera Equipment

In association with

Quill Stationary

Toll Free: 1(800)789-1331

"Quill has a house brand laser label that fits on slides which is much cheaper than the Avery equivalent. It is Reorder Number 7-10809 and replaces the Avery version, No. 5267. Both are 1/2 x 1 3/4 in. The only drawback is that the paper stock is slightly weaker than the Avery version which makes it easy to tear if you make a mistake and have to remove labels from the mounts" (Sorensen, 1997).


Trac Industries Inc.
Contact: Bill Tracy (President)
26 Old Limekiln Road
Doylestown, PA USA
Phone: +1(215)345-9311
Fax: +1(215)345-0633
World Wide Web:

Self-contained high-speed printers capable of printing directly on slidemount frames. Prices range from US$950 (dot matrix) to US$4500 (ink-jet with multiple sized font capabilities).

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