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Asset Gallery

Wales Media, Inc.
Contact: Mark Wales (Founder)
27068 La Paz, Suite 422
Aliso Viejo, CA United States
Phone: +1(949)273-1815
Fax: +1(949)612-0203
World Wide Web:

Asset Gallery has everything you need to manage and sell images, video, and other digital assets online. For stock photography and stock footage companies, Asset Gallery is a complete online solution. Asset Gallery powers your website and allows your customers and partners to search for, purchase, and download images and video.


KeywordSmart, Inc.

154 Grand Street
New York, NY United States
World Wide Web:

The next generation of Image Keywording Software. KeywordSmart is a web-based tool that walks the user through every element of the image, ensuring a complete set of keywords every time. Released in the summer of 2011, our goal was to create a tool that made it easy for anyone. No tutorials, no instruction booklets, just sit down and let KeywordSmart guide you through the process. Simply, it's way better that any tool on the market.

Stockbox Photo Gallery Software

Stockbox Photo
Contact: Adrian Ellis (Partner)
P.O. Box 1709
Brighton, Ontario Canada
Phone: +1(613)475 6464
Fax: +1(613)475 4339
Toll Free: 866 432 5622
World Wide Web:

Stockbox Photo Gallery Software provides photographers, artists and artisans an affordable solution to displaying and selling their work online. A full featured e-commerce enabled gallery maker and digital asset manager, that gives you the ability to auto generate thumbnails, add watermarks, view images in a slideshow, IPTC support, offer a variety of products (including instant downloads) with secure online payment processing. The powerful admin control panel, gives you all that you will need to create a dynamic and exciting gallery website. Gallery demo available at -


Signum Technologies Ltd
Contact: Alan Bartlett (Head of Marketing)
7 Thorney Leys Business Park
Witney, United Kingdom
Phone: +44(01993)776929
Fax: +44(01993)772939
World Wide Web:

Writer, Detector, and Server Watermarking Software. A high-throughput batch processor application allowing users to embed and detect hidden watermarks in large numbers of digital images without operator intervention. The watermark carries ownership and copyright/transactional references to help protect valuable images. Watermarks can be recovered from printed as well as digital media.

Third Light IMS

Third Light Ltd
Contact: Michael Wells (Managing Director)
St John's Innovation Centre
Cambridge, Cambs United Kingdom
Phone: +44(1223)475674
Fax: +44(1223)475674
World Wide Web:

IMS (Image Management Service) is a picture library product, designed to manage, display and sell images using the web. It offers automated galleries, lightbox sales with copyright licencing for stock images, and photographic printing and delivery.


Hamrick Software
Contact: Ed Hamrick (Author)
World Wide Web:

VueScan is a scanning program that works with most high-quality flatbed and film scanners to produce scans that have excellent color fidelity and color balance. It has features for restoring faded colors, batch scanning and many other advanced features used by professional photographers.

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