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A2Z Keywording Thesaurus Program

A2Z Keywording
Contact: Alexander Zane (President)
6 Friendship Street
Tivoli, NY United States
Phone: +1(845)757-3531
World Wide Web:

A2Z Keywording are specialists in the practice of professional image keywording, having created keywording databases for stock photography agencies and publishing companies for more than a decade. With the release of Keyword Perfect 2.0 in 2010, A2Z Keywording has expanded its presence in the stock photo industry by offering individual users the same comprehensive and efficient keywording engine that has driven its business for more than 15 years.

Using a proven methodology, A2Z Keywording’s service and technology transcribe virtually every detail of a given image – not just its personal subject and object, but the unique emotions, concepts and photographic styles that give the image its character and make it stand out in a crowded marketplace. Companies who have worked with A2Z Keywording include Meredith Publishing; Reader's Digest;; Direct Stock; Hemera Inc.; American Showcase; Solus Images; Corbis; The Metropolitan Museum of Art; and Chelsea House Publishers.

Agave SPS

Rosette Software
Contact: Randy Prentice (Developer)
1661 North Pima Court
Tucson, AZ USA
Phone: +1(520)749-3788
Fax: +1(520)749-3788
World Wide Web:

A stand alone stock photography management system that will track submissions, generate invoices, print a variety of labels, and help organize the financial details allowing you to concentrate on photography.

Asset Gallery

Wales Media, Inc.
Contact: Mark Wales (Founder)
27068 La Paz, Suite 422
Aliso Viejo, CA United States
Phone: +1(949)273-1815
Fax: +1(949)612-0203
World Wide Web:

Asset Gallery has everything you need to manage and sell images, video, and other digital assets online. For stock photography and stock footage companies, Asset Gallery is a complete online solution. Asset Gallery powers your website and allows your customers and partners to search for, purchase, and download images and video.

Avery DesignPro Labeling Software

Avery Dennison

World Wide Web:

Included templates for all of Avery's products besides labels. Allows you to add postal codes and sequential numbers anywhere on the template. It also uses whatever fonts and sizes you choose, with a variety of styles. It works like any Macintosh graphics program, so you can import color graphics, photos, then size or rotate them to fit. Only US$45. Special Note: Avery 6257 labels and Quill 7-10809 labels will fit on slide mounts (1/2"x1 3/4").

Contact: Mark Ishikawa (CEO)
3150 Almaden Expressway #234
San Jose, CA USA
Phone: +1(408)979-7900
Fax: +1(408)979-7969
World Wide Web:

A system for the searching and tracking of copyrighted material. The BayTSP system is unlike watermarking systems (which are easily defeated), and does not require any modification to the image.

C1 Raw Workflow Software

PictureFlow LLC
Contact: Michael Tapes (Owner)
8 Red Oak Lane
Kinnelon, NJ United States
Phone: +1(973)283 9540
World Wide Web:

PictureFlow Utilities for Digital Photographer include C1, a powerful viewer and converter for Canon Raw Image files

CameraBz 2.0

LeapFrog Applications
Contact: Alan Schwartz (Manager)
P.O. Box 93156
Rochester, NY USA
Phone: +1(716)321-3953

Business management software for the professional photographer. Offers Job invoice generation, stock mangement utilities, correspondence history, label generation, shipping and receiving log and much more.

Catalogue Files Metadata Miner

Soft Experience
Contact: Patrick Peccatte (Development Manager)
15, Avenue de Villiers
Villemoisson sur Orge, Essonne France
Phone: +33(1)69510673
World Wide Web:

Extracts medatadata from documents and files exporting into various formats: HTML, CSV, Word, XML. Professional version offers command line mode for batch processing which automates metadata extraction into an XML format and apply XSL transformations

Controlled Vocabulary Keyword Catalog
Contact: David Riecks (Founder)
701 W Washington St.
Champaign, IL United States
Phone: +1(217)646-5375
World Wide Web:

The Controlled Vocabulary Keyword Catalog (CVKC) is a hierarchical dataset used to assemble keywords for embedding into digital images. The use of the CVKC insures consistency in the selection and spelling of specific keyword terms and helps guide the keyworder to appropriate synonyms. The CVKC can be imported into Image Info Toolkit, StockView (From HindSight Ltd.), BreezeBrowser, FotoStation and Aperture. For details and a sample keyword catalog, see

Digimarc Corporation

Digimarc Corporation

521 SW 11th Avenue, Suite 200
Portland, OR USA
Phone: +1(503)223-0118
Fax: +1(503)233-6015
Toll Free: 1(800)DIGIMARC
World Wide Web:

Digimarc Corporation has developed technology for embedding watermarks within still images. The watermark carries copyright information as well as ownership details.

Digital Photos Online

Digital Photos Online
Contact: Tim Barnett
147 Ch des campanules
Saint Gervais, FRANCE
Phone: +33(450)47 4811
World Wide Web:

The Digital Photos Online software has been developed by a professional photographer for professional photographers. It is similar to stock agencies online systems with a dynamic search and display, coupled with a sophisticated download system, but with a web browser interface that makes uploading and managing images easy and without any specialist software or knowledge requirements.

Extensis Portfolio

World Wide Web:

fotoBiz, fotoQuote, & fotoKeyword Harvester

Cradoc fotoSoftware
Contact: Cradoc Corporation
PO Box 1310
Pt. Roberts, WA USA
Phone: +1(360)945-1380
World Wide Web:

FotoBiz X is the most powerful, affordable and easy to use photo business management software available. More than just a bidding and invoicing software, fotoBiz includes contact management capability, image and license tracking and has fotoQuote Pro 6 built-in. International currencies are supported. Upgrade, Educational, and Pro discounts are available.


MG Information Solutions
Contact: Peter Wilman
6 Hill Top Lane
Ness, South Wirral, Cheshire UNITED KINGDOM
Phone: +44(1298)213253
World Wide Web:

FotoPak, as a concept, is about making the process of selecting and ordering goods electronically a more reliable and less frustrating experience than is currently achievable with so called 'web-based' (by which is generally meant 'browser-based') technologies.


MG Information Solutions
Contact: Peter Wilman
6 Hill Top Lane
Ness, South Wirral, Cheshire UNITED KINGDOM
Phone: +44(1298)213253
World Wide Web:

A simple but powerful utility, FotoPrep helps you prepare your JPEG images for use either with FotoPak or Xhibitor or for any other situations requiring FotoPrep's special batch processing capabilities. Point FotoPrep at a folder containing JPEG images, configure your preferences, and FotoPrep will automatically re-size, re-name and add a text overlay to each image as a single batch process.


World Wide Web:

Fotostation – variety of editing tools to suit everyone from the single user to larger organizations, includes useful offline CD storage facility and a number of other bells and whistles.

Fred Miranda Photoshop Plugins & Actions

FM Software
Contact: Fred Miranda (Owner)
1717 North Verdugo Road, #186
Glendale, CA United States
Phone: +1(818)512-2698
World Wide Web:

Range of Photoshop plug-ins for common digital image processing tasks.

Genuine Fractals


The Exchange Building
18th Floor 821 2nd Avenue
Seattle, WA USA
Phone: +1(206)652-5211
Fax: +1(206)652-0880
World Wide Web:

Genuine Fractals enables you to increase the resolution and size of your images without degrading the image quality. Genuine Fractals 2.5 supports RGB, Grayscale, Indexed Color, Duotone, and Multichannel color modes.

HindSight Software

HindSight Ltd.
Contact: James Cook (President)
P.O. Box 520
Lafayette, CO United States
Phone: +1(303)791-3770
Toll Free: 1(888)791-3770
World Wide Web:

Management Software for the Creative Professional. Products include InView (for client management), StockView (for image management), searchLynx (a search engine), Photo Price Guide (for fee calculations), and Caption Writer (for labeling images).

image grabber

Random Eye Technologies
Contact: Janine Flaccavento (Marketing Manager)
543 Richmond St. W, Suite 215
Toronto, Ontario CANADA
Phone: +1(416)603-8243
Fax: +1(416)504-6604
World Wide Web:

Free web tool that searches multiple stock agency web sites simultaneously and returns hundreds of images in a single window for easy comparison, downloading, and purchasing of images. Perfect for designers and anyone else who searches for and/or uses stock images.

Image Info Toolkit

BlueBox GmbH
Contact: Silke Pottkämper
Waitzstr. 25
Hamburg, Germany
Phone: +49(40)881 67 661
Fax: +49(40)881 67 665
World Wide Web:

Designed to help digital photographer organize and label their works properly. Reads and writes text information into digital image files using the IPTC/ NAA standard header. It avoids recompressing of JPEG images.

Image Keyworder

OnAsia Images Pte Ltd
Contact: Yvan Cohen (Director)
30 Cecil Street,
Singapore , Singapore Singapore
Phone: +66()673-9407
Fax: +66()673 9409
World Wide Web:

Image Keyworder is an easy-to-use tool that comes with a 40,000 term thesaurus. Use Image Keyworder to manage all your metadata. Create templates for repeat image types. Annotate batches of images. Add synonyms and alternate forms with a single click. For Alamy users Image Keyworder also comes with a special Alamy mode.

Imatch - Digital Image Management Solutions
Contact: Mario M. Westphal (Developer)
Pestalozzistraße 6-12
Usingen, GERMANY
Phone: +49(6081)12535
Fax: +49(6081)12535
World Wide Web:

IMatch is a completely new kind of image processing application. It allows you to browse all the images on your hard disk by the actual contents of the images (including shape, color, texture, file format, image dimensions).

Kalimages PRO

Soft Experience
Contact: Patrick Peccatte (Owner)
15, Avenue de Villiers
Villemoisson sur Orge, IDF France
Phone: +33()69510673
World Wide Web:

A professional tool for digital image management to capture metadata from photos or other digitalized contents loading the extracted information into a relational database for sql specialized functions and full text image search. Kalimages PRO application has IPTC/IIM, IPTC Core and XMP support including support for any xmp customized data you may have. It is designed to scan large folders of images or photos.

Keyword Compiler
Contact: Randy Taylor (CEO)
1123 Broadway, Suite 1006
New York, NY United States
Phone: +1(212)463-8300
Fax: +1(212)929-6965
World Wide Web:

For photographers and stock agencies, offers software and services to create keywords and metadata to facilitate finding stock photos in a commercial database. This site provides an essential element in the stock licensing process - help in making pictures "findable" - by easily associating searchable words with each image. The mission of is to provide a centralized resource of the best software, services and educational information for keywording stock photography. Probono free versions of the Keyword Compiler software can be used online or downloaded to Mac or PC. A variety of user interface options are designed for a broad range of skill sets of users. More powerful paid versions are also available for those who need automated workflow, fast bulk processing, centralized archiving and keyword translations into multiple languages.


KeywordSmart, Inc.

154 Grand Street
New York, NY United States
World Wide Web:

The next generation of Image Keywording Software. KeywordSmart is a web-based tool that walks the user through every element of the image, ensuring a complete set of keywords every time. Released in the summer of 2011, our goal was to create a tool that made it easy for anyone. No tutorials, no instruction booklets, just sit down and let KeywordSmart guide you through the process. Simply, it's way better that any tool on the market.

Macromedia Software

In association with

Microsoft Office Software

In association with


HakunaMatata Software
Contact: Boyd Norton
P.O. Box 2605
Evergreen, CO USA
Phone: +1(303)674-3009
Fax: +1(303)674-7022
World Wide Web:

Highly praised Stock Photography Management software that includes labeling, submissions management, invoicing, and more.


Contact: Peter K. Ziminski (President)
2140 NW 17th
Corvallis, OR United States
Phone: +1(541)758-2659
World Wide Web:

A simple to use, yet powerful, photo/image management and slide captioning software program that helps you organize and keep track of your photographs. Whether you have prints, slides, or digital images stored in photo albums, slide carousels, or on your hard drive, PhotoLibrary will help you find any photo you are looking for.

ProSlide II


P.O. Box 159
Tijeras, NM USA
Phone: +1(505)281-8605
Fax: +1(505)281-8605
World Wide Web:

Proslide II for Windows combines a suite of database & labeling tools tailored for Image Management. Proslide II includes a full-featured database, report designer and labeler.

ProStock Agency

20/20 Software
Contact: Don Resnick
Phone: +1(203)316-5500
Fax: +1(203)316-5501
World Wide Web:

ProStock Agency is a full-service turnkey management system for stock photo agencies.


World Wide Web:


Shortcut Software Development BV

Apeldoornseweg 49
Arnhem, Netherlands
Phone: +31()446 44 52
Fax: +31()446 44 51
World Wide Web:

Enlarging digital images is often a problem. S-Spline "looks" at an image in an intelligent way, and tries to adapt its patented interpolation method from pixel to pixel, depending on how sharp or smooth the image is in that area.

Stockbox Photo Gallery Software

Stockbox Photo
Contact: Adrian Ellis (Partner)
P.O. Box 1709
Brighton, Ontario Canada
Phone: +1(613)475 6464
Fax: +1(613)475 4339
Toll Free: 866 432 5622
World Wide Web:

Stockbox Photo Gallery Software provides photographers, artists and artisans an affordable solution to displaying and selling their work online. A full featured e-commerce enabled gallery maker and digital asset manager, that gives you the ability to auto generate thumbnails, add watermarks, view images in a slideshow, IPTC support, offer a variety of products (including instant downloads) with secure online payment processing. The powerful admin control panel, gives you all that you will need to create a dynamic and exciting gallery website. Gallery demo available at -


Signum Technologies Ltd
Contact: Alan Bartlett (Head of Marketing)
7 Thorney Leys Business Park
Witney, United Kingdom
Phone: +44(01993)776929
Fax: +44(01993)772939
World Wide Web:

Writer, Detector, and Server Watermarking Software. A high-throughput batch processor application allowing users to embed and detect hidden watermarks in large numbers of digital images without operator intervention. The watermark carries ownership and copyright/transactional references to help protect valuable images. Watermarks can be recovered from printed as well as digital media.

Third Light IMS

Third Light Ltd
Contact: Michael Wells (Managing Director)
St John's Innovation Centre
Cambridge, Cambs United Kingdom
Phone: +44(1223)475674
Fax: +44(1223)475674
World Wide Web:

IMS (Image Management Service) is a picture library product, designed to manage, display and sell images using the web. It offers automated galleries, lightbox sales with copyright licencing for stock images, and photographic printing and delivery.


Hamrick Software
Contact: Ed Hamrick (Author)
World Wide Web:

VueScan is a scanning program that works with most high-quality flatbed and film scanners to produce scans that have excellent color fidelity and color balance. It has features for restoring faded colors, batch scanning and many other advanced features used by professional photographers.


MG Information Solutions
Contact: Peter Wilman
6 Hill Top Lane
Ness, South Wirral, Cheshire UNITED KINGDOM
Phone: +44(1298)213253
World Wide Web:

Xhibitor has been designed to appeal to both 'beginners' and 'advanced users' who want to quickly publish a digital image gallery. Xhibitor gives you a great deal of control over the appearance of your galleries.

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