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Adobe Photoshop CS2: Up to Speed

Published in 2005; Ben Willmore (Author); Peachpit Press (Publisher);

The following review first appeared in Issue 3, 2005 of The Picture Professional, the quarterly magazine of the American Society of Picture Professionals, ASPP is a community of image experts committed to sharing our experience and knowledge throughout the industry.

Review by Ethan G. Salwen / ASPP:

If you're already up to speed in Photoshop CS and you have upgraded to CS2 (or are trying to decide whether or not to upgrade), Ben Willmore's new book simply is a must-have. Unlike all other books on CS2 (or earlier versions of Photoshop for that matter), Willmore's Adobe Photoshop CS2: Up to Speed is the sole title that examines only the new features in CS2. And for getting up to speed in CS2 as quickly as possible-which can be a challenge given evolutions like the metamorphosis of the old File Browser into the new Bridge application- there is nothing like having a book that adheres to a laser-tight focus.

Having taught Photoshop classes to more than 45,000 users around the world, Willmore is in a rare class of his own. He is one of the few people who under stands his topic at the highest level, but who is able to communicate his knowledge concisely and in a friendly tone to those of us who still struggle with some of the basics. While chatty, Willmore doesn't waste his readers' time with unfunny jokes or unimportant asides. He knows the points that need to be made and he makes them clearly.

Kudos go also to Peachpit Press, which has proven to be an excellent publisher of how-to technology books. Once again they have thoughtfully created a book in which the graphics, design, layout and organization all rally together to present a tremendous amount of information in an easily digestible manner.

Up to Speed's ten clear chapters are broken into three sections: Foundations, Design and Photography. Users can hone in on the areas of most import to them. However, photographers will find the information in the design section useful, and designers will surely want to read the photography section. The most exciting chapter for photographers will no doubt be chapter seven, which covers the mind-boggling improvements to Camera Raw. Any photographers wondering why they should upgrade to CS2 need only browse through these compelling 16 pages.

Don't be fooled by Up to Speed's small size, brevity of text, and reader-friendly graphics. This Mac- and PC friendly guide is loaded with just the right amount of highly knowledgeable and accessible information for getting the most out of CS2 as quickly as possible.

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