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One-Hundred and One Beautiful Small Towns of Italy

Published in 2005; Paulo Lazzarin Rizzoli; Rizzoli (Publisher);

The following review first appeared in Issue 3, 2005 of The Picture Professional, the quarterly magazine of the American Society of Picture Professionals, ASPP is a community of image experts committed to sharing our experience and knowledge throughout the industry.

Review by Danita Delimont / ASPP:

In 101 Small Towns in Italy, Paulo Lazzarin shares with us his in-depth knowledge and love of Italy. The book is handsomely illustrated with striking photographs that show us Italy's various faces in many guises.

Photo editors and researchers are often handed daunting spec lists of subjects unknown to them. A common thread among them, however, is that each project provides fresh opportunities to learn something new. This book provides an opportunity to learn about many things Italy in an interesting and casual way, with wonderful photos that illustrate the cultural, historical and architectural significance of lesser-known parts of Italy and how these areas developed over the centuries. Information on UNESCO World Heritage sites is sprinkled through the book as well.

We learn which great figures influenced and developed the hill towns and coastal villages. We discover that Cremona is where the Stradivarius violin is made using a centuries-old technique. We see images of beautiful art glass and how it is made. We find out that the silk worm made its way from the Eastern trade routes to Como, Italy, and how the lace making traditions of Chioggia came to be.

For those with an interest in the culinary arts, everything you ever wanted to know about olives is in these pages, from where the best extra virgin olive oil is produced (a controversial subject among Italians) to the best wine producing vineyards to how to brine olives. On to Parma- well-known for Parmigiano reggiano cheese and prosciutto de Palma.

The book has information on some of the more interesting hotels and restaurants, but it is more than a travel guide. It is a serious publication dedicated to the unique small towns of Italy. The images are of the highest quality, and worth coming back to when you have a project on Italy.

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