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Adobe Photoshop CS2 for Photographers

Published in 2005; Martin Evening (Author), Foreword by Marc Pawliger; Focal Press (Publisher);

The following review first appeared in Issue 3, 2005 of The Picture Professional, the quarterly magazine of the American Society of Picture Professionals, ASPP is a community of image experts committed to sharing our experience and knowledge throughout the industry.

Review by Brian Seed / ASPP:

Martin Evening's first book was for Photoshop 5. His more recent books have been revisions of previous editions, but this latest one involved five months of work and an additional 215 pages of text, illustrating Photoshop's growing complexity.

Evening is a busy and successful British beauty and fashion studio photographer. He uses Photoshop on a daily basis and has been working with it for more than 39 years. Mastery of his subject shows in this crystal clear elucidation of Photoshop's intricacies and near endless possibilities, copiously illustrated with his own and other photographers' work. The book comes with a CD that includes a movie tutorial for both MAC and Windows. Marc Pawliger, author of the Foreword, is the director of engineering for Digital Imaging at Adobe Systems.

If there is something I hate about many software manuals it is that when I select what seems to be a logical term describing the information I seek, no index entry is to be found. Not so for the Evening book which can clearly be used for quick answers, as well as a cover-to-cover training.

As far as I am concerned, this book is the one I need. However, I am not an advanced user of Photoshop, though it forms part of my daily activities. Other Photoshop users may well need to have additional books with a different or enlarged view of specific parts of the software. Heaven knows, the subject is complex enough to require as much light cast on it as possible.

Photoshop CS2 represents another quantum leap forward; one that photographers will quickly discover they can't live without. In its constant upgrades, Adobe is likely to establish a permanent hand in the financial tills of photographers and other image professionals. Buy some shares in the company, I say.

What is interesting, though, is that professional photographers appear to form a relatively insignificant pool of Photoshop buyers compared to users in business, government offices and design houses. Certainly, many photographers believe this to be the case, and the new "Bridge" facility in Photoshop CS2, while it has a number of valuable features, also gives fuel to their argument by giving users of Photoshop immediate access to royalty-free images from the biggest suppliers of such images. This creates an even more uneven playing field for photographers who are not able to make their rights protected images available in the same way. For most of us, royalty-free images have not been a boon and a blessing. Instead, they have considerably reduced the sales potential for our rights- protected images. Adobe has enabled some photographers-members of ASMP and SAA-to place their names and a few image samples on a photographers' list. This is a step in the right direction.

Back to Martin Evening's book. This is highly recommended and a publication I will not be able to manage without. It is a bargain at $29.67 on Amazon. For those who are interested, Evening will be giving seminars on digital imaging at PhotoPlus 2005, October 27-29. I suspect these will soon be sold out, so sign up early.

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