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Photography, Focus on Profit

Published in 2002; Tom Zimberoff (Author); Allworth Press, New York, N.Y. (Publisher);

Review by Brian Seed, Stock Photography Consultant:

I can’t praise this book too highly. It is a pithy, witty, well written, thoroughly researched up to date manual to being a successful photographer in this difficult age. It covers a wide range of everyday issues, including: starting a photo business; creating a business plan; marketing and selling; copyright; legal agreements, model releases; pricing photographic services; taxes; shooting assignments; creating the paper trail; accounting principles; and much more.

Both beginning and experienced professional photographers will find this book clearly sets out choices to be made and paths to be followed if success is to be achieved. I particularly recommend it to places where photography is taught. These often focus on photographic art, ignoring photographers need to earn a living.

The final sixty-six pages relate to Zimberoff’s long established PhotoByte software, version 5.2, included with the book on a CD. Many photographers swear by this software as a way to keep their businesses organized and growing. However, like most complex software it does have some relatively minor awkwardnesses and it will not work with old operating systems, such as Windows 95 & 98, or the older Macintosh systems.

The book,with CD, costs $35, but is available from Amazon at $24.95. A bargain.

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